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2019 EcoPlanet Bamboo Group


Bamboo Charcoal H2O

All natural water filters

Adsorbent high-grade bamboo charcoal filters are an easy, efficient and ecologically friendly way of ensuring that water is clean, healthy and safe to drink. Our bamboo charcoal water filters are non-toxic, chemical and fragrance free.


Manufactured under the right conditions each bamboo charcoal water filter has
a high and positively charged adsorbent surface area that draws impurities out of the water. These all-natural water filters effectively absorb and remove bacterial, chlorine and other chemicals, while improving the taste and freshness of any water.


Bamboo charcoal filters can be broken up into smaller pieces to fit any glass or container, and provide an easy portable water purification system, to filter tap water on the go. The use of these bamboo charcoal water filters not only assists in reforestation activities, but also assists in reducing our dependency on single use plastic water bottles. Prior to using, the bamboo charcoal sticks should be boiled for 10 minutes.


They are re-usable and at their end of life can either be broken up and mixed into potted plants or gardens, or composted. 

Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters

Our bamboo charcoal pulls contaminants out of the water while infusing it in valuable minerals.